Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Something much brighter

It was interesting to hear the responses from my students to the woodcuts I had pulled in preparation for teaching them the technique. Individual likes and dislikes are exposed in discussion and critique. When I made the work, I was not so drawn to the brighter colours of the oil based inks I used for this work. The quieter, more opaque nature of the Speedball water based inks seem to sit more comfortably with what I was trying to achieve.

The first image is titled "Bright Lights". Multi plate woodcut on Hosho paper using oil based relief ink. Size 38cmx42cm (paper).

The following image is a single plate, overprinted several times. The title of the piece is "Still Life". Printed onto Stonehenge fawn paper using speedball waterbased inks. Size 38x42cm.

This print on this paper just goes to prove the role the paper plays in providing a unifying colour and texture.