Monday, November 7, 2011

Last effort for the day

Following is a small gelatin plate monotype with encaustic drawing. It is 15cm square and is on Hosho paper.

I quite like the combination of the encaustic line work and the shapes made by the gelatin monotype. There is something satisfying about the colours also. For me, anyway.

Seem stuck with bees at present

The last few days have seen me up in the loft with my encaustic monotypes and reworking collagraphs and other prints to see what comes of them. Several are being posted today. Two include text and the third is an abstract landscape. The environment is on my mind again and this is reflected in the work I produce.

 Title: Conservation/Conversation. Silk screen using dye onto Japon paper, wax medium over, with text added by using an encaustic stylus pen.
 Title: Environmental Conversation: Silk screen using thickened dye onto Japon paper with added monoprint elements on plasterers tape.

Title: Blue Moon. Encaustic monotype with added drawing using a stylus pen and encaustic paint.

I often wonder where all of this will lead, but follow I do and who knows? It's the journey that matters.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gelatine Monotypes

Needed a day of play, so decided to make up a couple of Gelatine plates. How quickly one forgets process. Took a few goes to get some results. Very enjoyable, non-thinking activity.

I read somewhere that Akua Kolor was used for this technique. I can't get it to work at all, so had to rely on the Speedball waterbased inks. The colours are a bit raw, so overprinting needs to take place to include some subtle blends.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Encaustic Monotypes

The monotypes I have produced today were made from a small metal plate 15cm x 15cm, on my hotbox. They were registered as in traditional printmaking and are printed onto Hosho paper.

I used R&F encaustic paints and also a black chinagraph pencil and a white charcoal pencil.

A most enjoyable morning.