Saturday, January 21, 2012

Returned from UTAS Summer School

For 12 glorious days I have been totally immersed in the University of Tasmania Summer School. The unit I undertook was titled: Drawing in the Environment - Spaces and Places. Dr. Sue Henderson.

Will post a few of my drawings and a couple of pics of the opening of the exhibition. Of course I took many images of the beautiful places we visited and the beautiful people I met, but cannot include them all.
 Walking Drawing - Woodcut, collage and pen.

 Drawing with a found object - an almost finished spool of twine dipped in ink.

 Project drawing - The importance of spaces between - coloured pencil

 The inspiration for the previous drawing - rock crevices Cataract Gorge

 Mud drawings with charcoal rubbings from Cataract Gorge.Mud/glue charcoal/ink.

 Another mud drawing. The brown is brown paper and the white Hosho

 A woodcut which I made into a drawing - Notley Fern Gorge

A response to Cataract Gorge. Top Brown paper/pastel, bottom charcoal on rice paper.

Enhanced rubbings from the rocks at Cataract Gorge